Cryptocurrency Trading at Scale

The first and only bulk crypto trading platform.

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Bulk Execution

Buy and sell en masse with our all in one bulk ordering platform.

Discover + Personalize

Filter down the entire crypto market with ease to build your custom order.

Index the Crypto Market

No more crypto FOMO. For the first time ever, create and maintain a total crypto market index.

Ease of Use

No more read-adjusting your trades. Your holdings and transactions are shown in USD.

Portfolio Management

With advanced insights and exchange integtrations, our platform allows you to manage all your crypto holdings in one place.

Automatic Conversions

Put the crypto value calculators to rest. We streamline the trading process through automatic conversions

Bulk Execution

  • The All-In-One Ordering Platform
  • Bulkchain enables you to execute cryptocurrency trades for thousands of coins across multiple exchanges, all in one order.​
  • Exit with Ease
  • Sell off your entire portfolio to the base coin of your choosing on all exchanges with the click of a button.​

Exposure and trading data like never before.

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Discover + Personalize

  • Market Discovery
  • Find the perfect assets by filtering down the entire crypto market to suit your specific preferences.
  • Craft Your Order
  • Set your budgets by exchange, market cap size or choose specific amounts for each coin.

Advanced Integrations

Index the Crypto Market

  • No More Crypto FOMO
  • With exposure to 90% of the market and the ability to buy new coins as they're listed, there's no longer a reason to miss out on the next big coin.
  • Your Custom Index
  • Our integrated portfolio tracker helps you purchase what you don't already own so you can finally have a piece of everything worth having on the market.

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